Beautiful Reaper

Inspired by Chris Lundy’s Beautiful Reaper

Beautiful Reaper

Slow motion moment
Brushed color in parceled time
One step closer…
Head tilted just a little to the side
Noticing surprising undulations rippling along
What is no longer emotional flatline

Colors that soothe
Still strangely arresting
Silent energy that tantalizes
With deep neuronal activation
Touches the body and intrigues the mind
And arouses a giddiness –
That giggling addiction of tip-toeing off kilter
A visual representation of sensations
That I’m for some reason ceaselessly subconsciously seeking to find
Foci amidst distraction
As time continues it’s unwind

Heart beats
beat beats
beats faster
pounding deck
blurring lines
arms pumping
lungs drumming
sudden realization
of vital water becoming unkind
caught helpless
in temporary trepidation
then all but appreciation, resigned
in the realized perfection of present moment
brushed in color
psychosomatically sublime

beat beats
of another
serendipitous split second seduction
that sparks a fantasy into branching time
attracted by misperceived and exaggerated beauty
with a forced denial of reality’s brine
as deep blue molecules are rising
catching the hopeful paddler
in a familiar drama
again mistimed
another martyr to the beautiful reaper
yet somehow energy still attracting
as a look to the beach reveals
a seemingly endless parade
of pitiably pretentious paddlers
eagerly clamoring in line

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2 Responses to Beautiful Reaper

  1. Your writing totally complemented Lundy’s, “Beautiful Reaper” Worthy of publication! Thank you for the ride..

  2. Katherine says:

    It flows well! I was wondering, who makes the purple and white patterned bikini you wore in your “I’m a poser” pictures?

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