Surfing at 17 weeks Pregnant

At 17 weeks pregnant, my belly has started to grow. I definitely feel it when I paddle. I’ve been trying to put more weight on my knees/thighs to take the pressure off my belly, which works pretty well other than that it is now a bit harder to paddle into waves. I’m riding a wider/thicker board and a little slower to my feet, but once I’m up and riding I’m feeling great!

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2 Responses to Surfing at 17 weeks Pregnant

  1. Michelle Sommers says:

    You look great – hope you’re feeling well! I was able to surf until about 5 months with both of my pregnancies and remember how weird it felt to lay prone on the board and paddle. My friend surfed all the way up until she delivered as she was able to knee-paddle her longboard out on small, clean days during the summer months up here. It was fun watching her.

    I also remember paddling out for the first time after I delivered as I instantly developed this “mom complex” and it took me awhile to get my confidence back up. I suppose I didn’t want to hurt myself for my baby’s sake. It was a crazy sense of feeling, and frustrating, but another friend who was a surfer mom told me the same thing happened to her. It eventually subsided but those hormones can make a

    I hope you continue to have an easy pregnancy. Enjoy that warmth down there as we just surfed 42 degree water temps yesterday – ugh! Always worth the paddle out but sure is chilly:) Take care!

    Michelle Sommers 410-251-8583

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