Second Beer Blush Pinkening Sunset

Second beer blush pinkening sunset and only days to go

While the scurrying above me calls for bat-proofing 2.0
Two soft young dogs, bookends nightly
Ten legs and 1.5 tails 
Sprawled together in bed-cushioned happy repose
As last month’s trash pit tadpoles hop and loudly moan 
Over a fallen ramada near where a cement house has grown
Only photos and detritus of shade for drinking friends
A fading memory of another suspended 
Book-reading then, 
Now long gone
So it goes

Broken bottle of red and dog piss on the floor
In a few days time no more green orange keys in the door
For now…
Feet worn dark and rough by weeks of bareness
Volleyball chasing scurries over hidden green thorns
Beach walks, stone steps, and wax gripping galore
Leash-bruised while pushing people to surf standing success
Too easy on purpose
Good luck on your own

Too skinny, a little sunburnt, and very very tired
4:30am coffee
Back and forth, 1st gear in four wheel drive
10pm again, headed home 
Low tires brail reading a pockmarked, cowcluttered path
As wipers do their double time
And I wish for a moment in the future that will look a little like a recent past
Relaxed behind a waterfall on a dark damp porch
Sebu silhouette 
And I’m not going quite yet
Instead buzzed and bouncing along to the jumping dogs waiting
Stones under tires, out of my head, and from inside the speakers
You can’t always get what you want…

Olive oil, garlic, and onion in a hot pan
The smell of constancy in all places, all times.
From here to next
The calendar scribbles are just as you’d expect
Still half wishing for 100 hours of solitude

Distracted by smiles of new friends 
While already mentally adjusting for another world
Good beer, varied food, fast internet
Sisters 4
A side-winding Sector 9 skateboard, my favorite escape
To feel the wind smile and shiver in a cooler country
Pink Floyd headphones
Barefoot in jeans
My feet are rough and ready
Nothing else

…but if you try sometimes
you just might find…
Eventually – 
You take what you need

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1 Response to Second Beer Blush Pinkening Sunset

  1. Laura Leija says:

    Hi Holly,

    Your dog kid of reminds me of an aardvark. ha!


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