Surfing, Sharks, and Waterfalls. My life lately…

My mom thinks I’m wasting my life. Im 29 years old. Not married. No kids. No mortgage. I’ve spent the last 10 years traveling the world with my surfboard. This past year has been particularly epic. My mom doesn’t spend much time on the computer but if I wanted to show her a video to prove she’s wrong about me “wasting” my life, this is the one i’d show her. Click “play” for a few highlights from my life recently….
Life is good.


And… I’ll be spending the next few months in Nicaragua.
Check out my other blog : Surf Life Nicaragua

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4 Responses to Surfing, Sharks, and Waterfalls. My life lately…

  1. Eakesmeyer says:

    wasting your life? whats the rush? aren’t you ‘living’ your life? shoot, you’re only 29!
    As a mother of 6 & 4 year old girls, who are totally your hugest fans…you are a role model for them!

    BTW, they are dying to meet you!!!


  2. Tyler says:

    Hey Holly! Every since I traveled to Nicaragua last summer and stayed for two months I fell in love with the place and it’s culture. Myself and three other buddies are graduating college in two weeks and I am heading to Joe’s Place in Aserradores to surf for about 10 days May 6th -16th, we cannot wait to go back. Anyway I just wanted to say I appreciate all that you do for the Nicaraguan community and others like it. Our world needs more people like yourself. Keep up the great work and I am stoked to surf the boom! Maybe I will see you in the line-up.

    Tyler D.

  3. myke b. says:

    right on! very cool video! when you break away from the norm, you will undeniably get grief; but keep doing your thing chica. in the end, you only need to satisfy your own requirements. and you seem to be doing a good job. stay safe and keep up the good work.

  4. Chinook Country Chick says:

    You have the life I only dream of! Keep on doing what your doing!

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