An Exclusive Interview on the Wave Patrol blog

The Wave Patrol blog featured me in a recent interview about volunteering, life, etc.
Here’s an excerpt from the intro:

“Holly Beck is more than a world class pro surfer, she is an iconic figure in the surf community. She breaks down any stereotype of the pro surfer as she embodies the titles of an environmentalist, scholar, actress, and world traveler.

I was blessed to catch Holly for an interview immediately after one of her excursions to Nicaragua. With new stories and memories still swimming in her mind, she was more than thrilled to expose her most recent adventures. Constantly on the move, Holly considers herself “technically homeless” and therefore she generously agreed to conduct the interview over an Internet exchange. Although we have yet to meet in person, it is apparent through her actions and observations that she exudes kindness and creativity in the water and on land. Whether she is globe trotting searching for the perfect point break, aiding children in Nicaragua, or leading a surf retreat with Waves of Hope, Holly holds true to her motto “do it for the love.””

For the interview, click below:

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