Termite Wings in My Bikinis

How long does a bag of ice last – two bags in a high dollar cooler –
Four days? – fine
That’s how long I’ll stay.
Quiet time.

Two dogs inside – my favorite on the bed.
The matriarch – yoga blissed-out
Two on the porch
Super soft super size ears, hold the tail
Those eyes – piercing
And Medy, kinda weird
Smelly, left behind, but still cruising

Bed laying page turning
Itchy and finger sore – sticky
Repairing the damage
Knowing it’ll come again.

This one not repaired
– left behind
The trees I planted – ten feet tall
Fruitful, but I won’t taste it.
Vines claim the chiles
The concrete castle still unfinished
Smallering – the part that cares

Termite wings in my bikinis
Too many tanktops in not enough boxes
Dead mouse bat shit gecko droppings
Black feet brown behind
Dog hair dust in my hair –
And I love it

Barb-wire duck and dog chase
We outrun mosquitos
Light footing the mud path the long way around
Used to be a quicker jaunt to the beach
I am a nice person.
Not everyone agrees.

In a day or two I’ll give myself to others
Encourage, listen, push, carry, laugh, drink.
Two weeks –
My man returns from the redwoods
We’ll move stuff around. Because that’s what we do.

For now, just me
These dogs

Hot strong coffee
Spritzer of sugar sweet cream – Stays fresh better.
Day 5
Time to go.

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