Mother Hips Holiday Jam in San Fran

The Mother Hips rocking the Great American Music Hall Dec 17, 2010

The Mother Hips are my favorite band. While planning a road trip from LA to Portland for Christmas, we had to stop in San Fran for the night to check out the Hips at the Great American Music Hall. They’ve been playing a holiday show there for 16 years and the crowd was full of excited dedicated fans. I’d never been inside the GAMH before but was immediately impressed with the style of the theater (it was originally built as a brothel) and the beer selection (great variety of microbrews with no Bud Light in sight!)

I didn’t expect to run into anyone I knew (other than the band members) but was stoked to finally get to meet a few facebook friends like Deren Ney from Nicki Bluhm’s band, Dave Mulligan singer/songwriter of the awesome Sierra Nevada song, and a few others like “Whitey”.

We had a great view from the balcony above

The place was packed with dancing, lyric-singing fans. We climbed the stairs and found a cool vantage point where we could see the stage, the audience, and get our own IPA swilling, dancing, and lyric-singing groove going. Definitely a good time!

Thanks to Jay Blakesberg for photos.

Tim Bluhm, rocking it.

If you haven’t checked out The Mother Hips, do it now!
Become a fan on facebook!

AND…. I was featured in a music video by the hips for their song Are You Free.
Check it out here:

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5 Responses to Mother Hips Holiday Jam in San Fran

  1. Michelle Zak says:

    I love the Hips too! What an awesome video Holly, totally dug it…gnar gnar skating down that hill…holy smokes. What a great song, love Tim!

  2. I love the Mother Hips! Like Sierra Nevada Beer, they are one of Chico’s greatest gifts to the world.

  3. Scott says:

    Holiday shows with the Hips are unreal. They blow the lid off that place.

  4. gamesmyway says:

    The Mother Hips sound really good. this band reminds me them.

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