After ten years spent traveling the world with my surfboard, getting the opportunity to visit some amazing places including Sao Tome, the Seychelles, the Andamans, Gabon, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand, Haiti, China, etc., I finally got tired of the vagabond lifestyle. I craved a home, a place where I could tend a garden, have a couple of dogs, and just be. A remote fishing village in Northern Nicaragua is that place. 

I am originally from Palos Verdes, CA, have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from UCSD and a Masters in Marketing. In 2010 I started a Surf, Yoga, and Adventure Retreat called Surf With Amigas (which you may have seen on House Hunters International) to continue to pursue my passions of travel, connecting with people, and inspiring others.

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In March 2013 I married my partner and best friend Kim Obermeyer, and in September 2014 we added a baby girl named Luna to the family. We are now busy as parents with various construction projects while trying to live as sustainably and eco-friendly as possible. We have a website devoted to these pursuits which you can check out at HipEhabitat.com

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  1. hi holly…just saw you on house hunters international! nice to “meet” you. i used to live in redondo. congratulations on your new venture. how long ago did you move to nic? good choice on hows #2! 🙂 well done, looks like you are doing some great things…

  2. Flaka says:

    Wow! Just found out you dated my husband (before I married him of course) and you are very pretty and talented ….that’s kind of hot! Lol xoxo

  3. Pete says:

    After being incarcerated for 30 yrs & 1 day, I am inspired by you & your adventure.
    At 64 it’s finally time to live my life

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