Surf With Amigas Instructor Froth

To surf with these ladies, check out a Surf Yoga Adventure retreat with Surf With Amigas!

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Samatahiti Eco Resort – Not As Described

After a terrible experience at Samatahiti Eco Resort in Rincon Puerto Rico, we attempted to leave several negative Trip Advisor reviews. However due to technicalities, the reviews were all deleted. This is our video review with an explanation of our experience attempting to run a retreat at Samatahiti. If you are considering staying at Samatahiti, please be advised the resort is not as described.

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Thumpy Beach Break Session with Amigas

We get a mixture of levels on retreats usually, but it is not often that we have Amigas bringing their own shortboards and ready to pull into tubes. At a retreat at our Central Nicaragua location we had an Amiga named Cat who is a shredder. She was working on refining her turns and trying to learn to get barreled. One morning a few of the instructors took her out to a thumpy hollow beach break. While the surf wasn’t quite as good as they were hoping, it was still tons of fun on retreats usually, but it is not often that we have Amigas bringing their own shortboards and ready to pull into tubes.
Check out the Amigas site for more info.

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Shady Smile at my Home Break


On my first day back at home in Northern Nicaragua after two months in the Pavones region of Costa Rica I was frothing on right handers. The waves were inconsistent, but every now and then a fun right popped up and allowed little tube rides. The photog @inwaterwetrust happened to be in the spot to capture this interesting perspective. It’s always great to see a shot after the session. Stoked!

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Introducing my baby girl to life in Costa Rica

Being a mama is amazing. Of course I surf fewer shorter sessions, but when I run in after an hour and a half to see this smiling face, it’s all good. We just spent two months in Costa Rica. Here are some highlights from our first week there.

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Surfing After Having a Baby

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Surfing 25 Weeks Pregnant

I only get footage of myself surfing during retreats and since we just had six weeks off, it’s been a while since I posted any footage. My belly is growing. It’s getting more difficult to paddle and pop up, but once i’m on my feet, it feels ok. I’m trying to keep it mellow, but when a nice lip presents itself I hear the baby telling me, “mama, hit that!”.

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