LA Times Story : Holly Beck tours for surfing outside the surfing tour

Although she no longer competes, the 30-year-old travels the world for photo shoots and adventure trips. A sponsor says she’s the ‘kind of an all-around ambassador for what our brand represents.’
Click here to see the rest of an LA Times article on me:,0,2703933.column?page=1

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5 Responses to LA Times Story : Holly Beck tours for surfing outside the surfing tour

  1. Rick Hendley says:

    LA Times shines their light on Light (as in you) and hey, your sponsors referencing you as an “all around amabassador for what she represents” is an exemplary compliment to you!!! They will soon realize that you the “Goddess of Enlightenment, Surf, Peace & Love” (hahahaha). I laugh because it is true! Stay humble and true, for a most righteous You!!!
    rh 🙂

  2. Rick Hendley says:

    Maybe you might think about turning Surfing into an Olympic event!!! You and your sponsors could petiion the IOC ( (or whomever).
    Of course the Olympic Surfing event may not be held in the host city of Olympics in a particular Olympic year and would have to be hosted somewhere else instead but a positve side to this is that you are spreading the money that the Olympics generates to other places than just the host city!!!

  3. Rick Hendley says:

    Holly Beck,
    What about hooking up with Ted Danson and his people at Oceana:

    I am sure your parterning with them in some way would be a win-win-win for all concerned (especially the ocean) and I would not be surprised if many of Oceana’s followers would want to come down and surf with you in Nicaragua!!! Board of Directors
    Oceana’s board of directors is an accomplished group of individuals from around the world whose purpose is to steer Oceana’s campaigns to efficiently and effectively protect and restore the oceans.

    Contact Information:

    Oceana Board of Directors
    c/o Oceana (Office of the CEO)
    1350 Connecticut Ave., NW, 5th floor
    Washington, DC 20036 USA
    Tel: +1-202-833-3900 (general line)// +1-202-467-1930 (direct)

  4. Flora says:

    I am forever indebted to you for this inoframotin.

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