Painting a Community Center with SYRV

SYRV is a non-profit dedicated to making good happen. After several projects to bring more clean water to villagers in Nicaragua, SYRV filled a shipping container with donations to send to the country. The container was then hauled ashore, and will now be turned into a community center where locals will have access to sewing machines, computers, composting toilets, and clean water.

I showed up for the day to work with a crew of volunteers to paint the container. Check out the video above and the photos below!

The plans for the finished community center.

Lara, the architect, and Monique go over the plans.

A 3D model of the center.

Getting the painting party started!

By the end there was paint everywhere, including in my hair, but at least it was an awesome color!

After a morning of painting, we cruised back for lunch but the surf out front looked like this!
Overhead, super hollow and offshore, no one out!

I was devastated that I hadn’t brought a surfboard, but Moniuqe suggested I take out one of the 4’10” INT foam surfboards donated by Quiksilver. It had super flexible fins, no leash, no wax and was definitely not the right board for the conditions, but I paddled out and got a few anyways.

After painting and surfing, it was time for a little yoga session.

To find out how you can get involved, check out

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