Surf Coaching in Costa Rica

With borders still closed to international tourists, Costa Rica has been focusing on domestic tourism. My standard gig with Surf With Amigas relies on international tourists – primarily Americans. So lately, I’ve been focused on virtual surf coaching and online surf clinics.

Lately however, people who live in Costa Rica have been venturing away from beach breaks and down to the longer waves of the Southern region. A lot of those have been women who prefer to paddle out with another woman who knows the lineup and the variety of surf spots. I’ve been stoked to be able to provide the service of surf guide, instructor and coach for some awesome ladies.

Last week I was lucky to be able to surf with a couple of families visiting from Nosara and this morning it was a couple of ladies from Uvita. It feels great to be able to share the stoke of surfing with other awesome women and help them refine their skills through video analysis.


If you’re in Costa Rica and looking to get away from your town and explore the waves of the South while getting some coaching from someone who knows the spots in the area, I’d be stoked to help you out! My WhatsApp is +506 8555 3688.

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