InnerView with Holly Beck on

Holly Beck – InnerViews from on Vimeo.

Check out Holly talking about growing up in Palos Verdes, CA, learning to surf, falling in and out of love with competing, moving to Central America, pumping a well for water, and inspiring other ladies to push themselves outside their comfort zones.

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1 Response to InnerView with Holly Beck on

  1. Thomas Hardy says:

    This lady is so inspiring. She has pushed herself to live outside her comfort zone since she was 12. At 15, she stepped further into challenging herself into finding out what her limits were. She knew there were no limits. Holly could do anything she set her sights on and conquered it. She has enjoyed living outside the comfort zone, because that is her comfort zone. Challenge, succeed, enjoy comfort, re-challenge. When she gets knocked down or injured, she takes on the challenge to do it right the next time, to return to her own comfort zone, that most feel uncomfortable. She has given back so much, to so many, in so many different ways.

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