Surfers Without Borders plant some seeds

I met Aubrey Falk almost ten years ago on the North Shore. We were both staying near Rocky Point for a couple of months and became insta-buddies for the trip. It’s great to find inspired, independent, easy going, intelligent, ripping surfer girls and Aubrey definitely fit the description. I then went off to do the WQS for a few years and Aubrey continued living the cruising artistic nomadic lifestyle. I have finally decided that her path is a little more appealing. She’s hooked up with permaculture and sustainability guru Loren Luyendyk to create an organization called Surfers Without Borders. Click here for their website and here for their blog.

Aubs and Loren are traveling through Latin America, mostly focusing on Mexico, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, spreading the word and teaching people how to live more sustainably. They offered to help us get our vegetable garden going and we were grateful for the assistance!

Loren, Aubrey, and our caretaker, Osmar getting the ground ready for seeding.

Seeds of change….

After making neat, easy to water rows, we started putting seeds in the ground. Tomatoes, chiles, chard, cucumbers, and even eggplant!

Our buddy Boris can’t resist getting his hands dirty and has helped us plant a few things over the last couple of years. Boris is the team captain and catcher of the local champion baseball team!

The gardening crew, sipping a few Tonas to celebrate!

That night we cooked up a feast!

And shared some Flor De Cana on the porch…

In the morning Loren even filled my iPod with good music. Stoked!

Then they piled back into their camper….

… and cruised back on their way, North to El Salvador!

Adios, Amigos!
Be sure to check their blog for the continued adventures of Surfers Without Borders!

Now we keep it wet, and wait for the seeds to sprout……

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