Keeping my shoulders loose with TRX

I first discovered the TRX fitness trainer a couple months ago. I had a chance to test it out as a piece of workout equipment that uses your body weight to work out every muscle imagine-able. I’m in pretty good shape. I surf a lot, I ride my stand-up paddle board, I run, I workout on the ball, etc. I thought I was in really good shape until I spent 30 minutes working out on the TRX. I realized that there is still quite a bit of room for improvement in my core strength. The TRX is perfect for that. It is also totally light weight, folds up small, allowing me to take it everywhere, all over the world!
Of course I packed the TRX to bring to Nicaragua. But with the heat, the long hours of surfing, and all the well-pumping I was doing, I didn’t really feel the need or the energy to work out. The TRX was still an essential part of my daily routine though. It turns out, it’s also amazing for stretching. I found it most useful to stretch out the shoulders and back. It’s also good for warming up before running down to surf first thing in the morning. Stoked!

This feels really good!

Want to get one of these for yourself? There’s also a surfing specific workout video featuring me using the TRX. Check it out by clicking here.

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