Visible Connections

tall trees reaching upwards
all we see are stalks
grown thick and gnarled with stubble
perching points for hawks
standing tall in timelessness
a maze for scurrying squirrels
a ladder towards the heavens
for a barefoot adventurous girl
a connection to the Source
for those of us dreaming below
visual reminder
of that which we already know
connections forming between us
and higher and higher we grow

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4 Responses to Visible Connections

  1. Rick Hendley says:

    You bring the invisible to light.

  2. Jasonian says:

    are you writing all these, or is it a sister effort? nice~!
    Have you tried to do lyrics for a song? I will send you those cd’s = have a great time in Haiti. cheers

  3. Forever says:

    God help me, I put aside a whole aftnoeron to figure this out.

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