Casita Nearly Complete!

A neighbor’s view of the casita, through the tall, rainy season weeds.

I’m barely getting through the late summer doldrums. After traveling nearly non-stop from February to June including two trips to Nica, totaling nearly two months of warm water and amazing Nicaraguan waves in between months in Australia and Tahiti, spending all of July and August in often gloomy and mostly flat Redondo Beach has been difficult. Granted, my body and mind did need time to relax and recover, but now i’m fiending for waves and adventure.

We’ve also been wondering how our little casita is progressing. Thankfully, my friend Kristin Wilson was super nice to snap a few photos and send them our way.

Here you can see the open bodega storage closet which has yet to receive it’s heavy steel door, as well as the small patio with wooden post.

Our contractor, Don Emilio, overseeing the painting process.

The kitchen!

Vaulted ceilings for better air circulation.

Shower tile.

The window in the back of the house at the bottom of the lot.

The view of the hotel.

The view out the front door.

The view out the window and to the surf.

We were incredibly excited to see these photos this morning, but all they just make me all the more desperate to get down there and see the casita for myself. I guess it’s time to look into plane tickets!

Thanks again Kristin!!!!

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2 Responses to Casita Nearly Complete!

  1. Gypsy Root says:

    I am vicariously living through your blog…:) cheers to your new house. I enjoy reading about it all.

  2. nicagirl says:

    Holly! I am so excited to see your casita all finished! See you on Thursday!

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