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Single Wave Single Move

2009 flashback of my first session on my Rusty Dwart courtesy of

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Surfing at 17 weeks Pregnant

At 17 weeks pregnant, my belly has started to grow. I definitely feel it when I paddle. I’ve been trying to put more weight on my knees/thighs to take the pressure off my belly, which works pretty well other than that … Continue reading

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Surfing at 14 Weeks Pregnant

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Surfing in the First Trimester

I’m pregnant, YAY! I’m excited to finally be 13 weeks pregnant and not shy about sharing the news. I’m also excited that i’m finally starting to feel a bit more like myself. I still get really tired in the evenings, … Continue reading

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I’m Pregnant!

Growing up the oldest of five sisters and spending a ton of time helping mom look after the younger ones, plus after earning years of spending money by babysitting neighbors, I was never totally sure that I ever would want … Continue reading

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The Next Step Teaser


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Left Sequence of Fun

it was a crowded morning, and there weren’t many sick ones. i was pretty stoked when this one came through and i was the only one in the spot. want to live near this? brisas del alma

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